Role of Blue & Green Permit to import used vehicles in Sri Lanka

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Published: 03rd June 2011
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There are certain restrictions imposed on used car imports in Sri Lanka with a view to avoid undesirable imports in to the country causing bad impacts to public, Environment, Economy and Security of the country. The controller of Import and Export issues a permit to people who are eligible to import. There are two main Permit under which import of used vehicles is permitted:

1. Blue Permit 2. Green Permit

Letís know about the two in detail.

Blue Permit:

Allows a person who is employed in a foreign country, to gift his/her mother /father, brother/sister, wife/husband and children who are living in Sri Lanka.

1. Type of a vehicle allowed to be imported Car, Jeep, Vans or Cabs which are not older than 5 years.


a. Duly completed CIE 8a & CIE 8b forms.

Donator CIE 8b

Donate CIE 8a

b. Two photograph from two dimensions of the vehicles.

c. Copy of vehicle registration certificate.

d. A certificate of Donorís foreign earnings and a bank statement to prove the remittance of money to Sri Lanka.

e. Photo copies of the visa page, page with the endorsement of leaving the island and page with photo of passport holder of donorís passport to prove his stay abroad.

f. Certificate of foreign employment.

g. Relevant documents to prove the relationship with the donor and donate.

h. A condition certificate of the vehicle.

License Fee

A license fee of 15% of CIF value of the vehicle should be paid to the Department.

Green Permit:

Allows Sri Lankan who have gone abroad and earn foreign exchange to import a vehicle subject to following conditions:

1. Type of vehicles allowed to be imported under this scheme are Cars, Jeeps, Vans or Cabs not older than 10 years.

2. If the relevant vehicle is under 5years; the vehicle should be registered and used in the name of applicant at least for a period of one year.

3. If the vehicle is within 5-10 years old, the vehicle should be registered and used in the name of applicant at least for 3 years.

Documents required while applying for Green Permit

a. Duly completed CIE 06 Form.

b. Two photographs of the vehicle (Two Dimensions)

c. Certificate of registration which proves that the vehicle is registered in the Name of the applicant (Certificate of Registration)

d. Bank Statements to prove the applicant has earned foreign exchange.

e. Photocopies of the Visa pages, photograph page of the applicant and the page having endorsement of leaving the country / arrival to the country of the pass port.

f. Vehicle inspector certificate.

License Fee

The license fee is charged according to the age of the vehicle to be imported:

Vehicle Age (Years) License Fee (On CIF Value)

3 Ĺ 03%

5-7 05%

7-8 07%

8-9 09%

9-10 12%

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